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Brian J. Ludlow
Brian J. Ludlow

Specializing in
YPO/WPO clients

Welcome to Ludlow Consulting Group 

 "Our results speak for themselves"

Ludlow Consulting Group specializes in handling projects: expansion, restructuring, turnarounds, and strategic planning for businesses needing additional management resources to handle the challenge.  Projects range from launching national insurance agency and commercial lending company to developing custom software for a time keeping system.


About our process:

1.   We meet with the client and narrow down the issue or project with interactive mapping and questions.

2.   Identify the parameters, scope, and desired outcome.

3.   Hands on analysis is done  to correctly identify the issue and sandbox. This varies from watching customer activity or interactions to pouring through spreadsheets.  We can position ourselves for confidentiality if needed. Customer and operation level activity is critical for most projects to have strong data to achieve your goals.

4.   We present the preliminary results to shareholders and create a scope of work and agreement.

5.   Updates are emailed each Friday to management or shareholders. Weekly calls for questions and clarity.

6.   Milestones are created to measure progress until project and transition to replacement staff is complete.

231-330-0515   b@bludlow.com

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